In a dynamic and ever changing industry, Natalie Anne brings a fresh, down to earth, and passionate approach to Education. There's no ego or gatekeeping here, this 2 time International digital influencer of the year, AHFA winning stylist & social media mogul leads by example when teaching everything from demystifying complex styling, how to make impact in your social media, building a personal brand with teeth, or the art of connecting with your audience.



Weather your engaging in her all access online academy, a one on one shadowing program or one of her regular masterclasses, this is one educator that will always deliver more than you bargained for!


Are you ready to take your skill to the next level but unsure where to start? Natalie Anne Education takes the uncertainty out of your career path and your styling. Take the “toes up” approach with the full academy option or polish your existing skills in as little as 20 min with our bite size education videos.

Perfect for: 

  • Salon owners wanting to upskill their staff
  • Salons wanting to grow their services
  • Freelancers wanting to level up
  • MUA’s wanting to offer a more complete service menu
  • Apprentices/stylists wanting to take control of their learning 
  • Those wanting to break into editorial, onset or runway styling

How do we do this:

  • Video: Each module offers visual learners a simple, clear & easily understood tutorial.
  • Follow along: Need to get your hands dirty? Grab a Mannequin and follow along step by step with Natalie as she teaches you.
  • Audio: Turn up the volume! Each step is clearly explained in a step by step fashion.
  • Reading: Each lesson comes with an easy to follow downloadable step by step guide. 


" I think access to comprehensive, curated education is important for any one wanting to take control of their knowledge and skill. I wanted to create this collection to simplify the way hair education is delivered, and tailor it specifically to the four different ways I've found we learn, to make sure that anyone trusting me to teach them, are getting the most out of their education investment." - Natalie Anne on why she created long-form online education.

    Connect, engage and absorb, Natalie Anne Education Masterclasses cherry pick the very best of Natalie Annes world class education suite and condense’s it into a jam packed day of learning. Whether you're looking to level up your hair styling, add some spice to your content creation, or get up to date with the latest changes in creating viral content, or wanting to graduate from the Natalie Anne Online Academy, the Natalie Anne Education Masterclass is for you. 

    The Natalie Anne Masterclasses are delivered in-person, giving you exclusive access to the only two-time International Hair Influencer of the Year and her toolkit, helping you find your own “secret sauce”. 

    Expect to be inspired, motivated & recharged, with immediately actionable skills, ideas & goals. Natalie Anne has merged her iconic Social Play and Hair Mastery masterclasses into one so you get the best of both worlds. 

    NA’s fresh approach to hair styling and content creation includes:

    • Look & learn 6 of Natalie Anne’s most requested looks - on set, online and on the runway. 
    • Exclusive insight into Natalie Anne’s content creation blueprint including
    • How to capture content; how to get the money shot; how to edit & repurpose content; 
    • How to create a content creation plan; how to build authority online; how to convert a follower into a customer

    … and so much more!

    The Natalie Anne Masterclass is perfect for salon owners, session stylists, freelance hair professionals and Hair & Makeup Artists alike, wanting a fast paced, interactive education experience, that's guaranteed to take you out of your comfort zone!

    NA FOR A DAY | Do you want to know what it’s like to be Natalie Anne for the day? 

    Get a peek behind the curtain and see for yourself what goes into a day in the life of a professional freelancer. This is your ultimate vip pass into the inner workings of some of your favorite session stylists. 

    Who’s it for?

    • Those wanting to break into working on magazines, fashion shows or shoots
    • Those wanting to become celebrity stylists
    • Those wanting to create their own content creating destination salon
    • Those wanting to get into educating

    Be Natalie Anne's shadow!

    Starting with a gluten free breakfast and extra-strong coffee (because you’ll need it!) and accompany Nat through a typical shoot or bridal day.  Understand the importance of prep, how to best interpret the clients brief, how to put a time-management plan together and how to deliver a quick, but meticulous execution of the clients vision.

    Are you ready to be inspired, motivated with immediately actionable skills, ideas & goals? As we know preparation is key to success and this In-salon program will prepare you, or your salon to maximise any opportunity that comes your way.

    This in-salon program was designed as an immersive in house experience, customized specifically to your needs, to create real and actionable goals to allow you to become the team, salon and stylists you've dreamed of being.


    The NA Intimate In-Salon program offers a full day experience, either one-on-one or small team. In this session Natalie Anne will personally consult and then tailor a curriculum specifically education to suit you or your salons needs. Get real, specific and undiluted coaching in anything from packing your kit to communication strategies, the latest in global hair styling trends, social media tips, content creation, it's up to you! you will leave with a clear list of objectives, huge list of new skill-sets to apply to your business + a professionally filmed + edited highlight capture of the day.


    Please get in touch with us to book a time to liaise directly with Natalie Anne and custom-create your education syllabus for an immersive in-salon session.

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