5 of the Fastest Stylish DIY’s that will last you all day.

Whether you pressed snooze too many times, you forgot to iron your shirt the night before or your kids decided to have an unplanned meltdown, mornings seem to always be a rush and hairstyling always gets left to last. 

Don’t worry though.. We got you, with a few of our fave go-to 5 minute hairstyles!

From creating a trending hairstyle on a bob, hairstyling for long hair or creating a new look entirely with hair extensions, let us take you through the essentials - The right hair styling products, tools & how to bring it all together in 5 minutes to get you where you need to be, pronto!

Read on for 5 of our favourite go-to trending hairstyles that can be recreated in 5 minutes or less (with 5 products or less!) from the Natalie Anne Styling Specialists. 



This 5 minute hairstyle for medium-long hair is perfect to get you from a day in the office to a night out in town with these few quick steps and essential hair style products!


For some face framing, firstly pull out your fringe.


Using the Natalie Anne Wet & Dry Brush, create 2 ponytails, with the top and bottom half of your hair.


Add Texturising Powder to both ponytails and backcomb it in using a Volumising Comb


Effortlessly twist the top pony to create a soft & textured bun shape & use a couple of bobby pins to keep it in your preferred shape. Repeat with the second pony, to create a second bun to compliment the first.. Twist & pin to effortless, textured perfection!


Use a flexible-hold hairspray & your Comb to get that polished, slick look by combing back any flyaways and spraying them into submission!


Use your straightener to finish off your front pieces, however compliments your face shape best.. 

Et voila! 



Hair styling for long hair, but with the styling time cut in half - 


Apply the NATALIE ANNE HAIRCARE  PREP & PLAY All-in-One Cream to reduce static & fly-aways.   

Most importantly, this cream adds hydration & protection from heat.   


Use small hair elastics to create 6-8 ponytails (depending on hair thickness). 

Pro-Tip : Band the ponytails where you want your curls to start. 

This may differ. For example, you might want your curls to start higher around your face for framing purposes and lower around the rest of your hair. Do what suits your face shape best!

STEP 3 - CURL   

Using your GHD Platinum + , curl your hair away from your face.   

STEP 4 - SET   

Allowing your curls time to cool down & set is an essential part of the process, to ensure longer lasting curls. To save time, we suggest doing something else in the 3-5 minutes your hair might take to cool, then coming back to the mirror to finish off!


Gently remove the elastics - cutting them might be easiest - then use our Wet & Dry (VEGAN BRUSH) to gently brush out the curls & blend your sections. 

Re-apply PREP & PLAY All-In-One Cream to tame down flyaways, and add moisture back into your tresses. 



OK.. So how about Short to Long Hair Styles for hair up ?

This bad-ass Tomb raider long plait will forever be a trending hairstyle and you can do it yourself, at home, in a few quick & easy steps!

All you’ll need is a set of Clip-In Pony Extensions 

& a few of our fave hair style products to create this heatless, fun & protective style:


Part your hair in the centre & remove some face framing fringe pieces


Use the WET & DRY BRUSH & an elastic to create a mid - low pony


Add your Clip-In Ponytail Extensions & Plait it all the way down, then band it with a thin elastic.


Add PREP & PLAY All-In-One CreamWax Spray to set your look and to get rid of any fly-aways!

It’s REALLY as easy as it looks!! 



Our next go-to 5 minute trending hairstyle is an absolute essential for the Spring/Summer seasons,  especially when you are hair styling for long hair or medium length hair. It’s time to bring back a splash of colour & scarves are such a classic way to keep it uniquely effortless, while looking like you’ve just stepped out of a salon at the same time!

Here are a few ways to personalize your look with your favourite new scarf & a few key hair style products in less than 5 minutes!! 

Every look starts with adding PREP & PLAY All-In-One cream & creating a ponytail using a WET & DRY BRUSH & an elastic band.

If you’re someone who prefers some face framing, remember to pull out some fringe pieces first!

How you add & feature the scarf is entirely up to you, but these go-to styles for hair up mean you can keep it fun, colourful, unique and classy! 

PLAIT IT, WEAVE IT, TWIST IT.. the options are endless!

Watch the video to see Natalie Anne’s quickest and easiest ways to create this season's most trending hairstyle!



A bob never needs to be boring! 

Create this textured, beachy set with only a few key styling hair products & essential tools!


Apply the NATALIE ANNE HAIRCARE Prep & Play All-In-One Cream as a uv/heat protectant.


With small sections, Kaatya uses the GHD Soft Curve Curling Tong, alternating her curls to create a pieced out, more beachy textured look.


Allow the hair to cool down for 3-5 mins. Tip - Use this time to finish your makeup or get something else done. You can’t rush the cooling process unfortunately and if you want your curls to last, it’s essential to let them cool and set properly!


Using the Prep & Play Cream again, use your fingertips to piece out the curls. This exceptional finishing cream will also add that extra shine and will help your hair to remain frizz-free, especially in the more humid months.

Pro-Tip : For extra body & Texture, spray in our favourite, weightless Texture Mist by NATALIE ANNE HAIRCARE


Finish off the look with a Flexible Hold Hairspray.. We love Original Queenie by O&M  to hold it all together 


Summing Up

There you have it.. 5 Super Easy & Super Quick Trending Hairstyles to get you where you need to be, flawless AND on time without breaking the bank!


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