In this video I share how to achieve textured waves using Natalie Anne haircare  

Step one - PRIME & PROTECT  

Apply our PREP & PLAY All-in-One Cream  to reduce static & fly-aways.   

Prep and Play adds hydration & protection from heat. It also acts as a split end tamer. The high levels of nut protein will help prevent the hair strands from splitting.

 Step two - CURL   

Split your hair in half and start curling using your GHD away from your face.   

Step three - SET   

Allowing your curls to cool down & set is an essential part of the process, to ensure longer lasting curls.   

Step four - RE- HYDRATE   

Re-apply our PREP & PLAY All-in-One Cream to add moisture back to your hair and define your curl shape.   

Optional, for more Volume:   

Step 5 - BUILD VOLUME   

  Use our non-tacky TEXTURISING POWDER to   amplify volume, build texture and sustain your styles shape for longer.  

  Massage or back-comb the powder in using our VOLUMISING ANTI-STATIC TEASING COMB.   

 Step 5 - FINISH   

Spray our LIVED-IN TEXTURE MIST all over to set and finish.   

This salty solution, unlike other sea salt sprays, will amp up texture and body while hydrating your hair and protecting it from the UV Rays.   

Its weightless grit is perfect to finish off your glam looks.   

Our hydrating formula is free from sodium chloride and parabens.  

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Enjoy, Nat x

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