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Meet Our Hair Heroes

Ever wanted to meet the creators some of the most affluential salons in Australia, or understand what drives your favourite freelance stylists? Well now you can! Meet our Hair Heroes.  The Stylists that inspire us, you and the world.


Ever had a creator you just can't take your eyes off? Well Kaine Vakai is one of those! Meshing high quality hair content with hilarious voice overs & salon satire, Kaine Vakai delivers stunning hair with a welcome side of laughs. Describing Kaine Vakai Hair Artistry in two words, fierce & funny. 

Favourite thing about what I do: "Definitely High-Contrast Lived in blondes"
Binging on Netflix: "Physical 100"
Bringing into 2023: "Looking forward to being on the road, hosting masterclasses and trotting the globe" 

MOPP HAIR SALON | @mopphair @chrismidsonmopphair

You'd struggle to find a salon with a bigger heart than Newcastle's Mopp Hair. Headed up by Chris Midson and Mark Van Der Wende, this powerhouse couple have carved out for themselves a reputation as being innovators in the hair industry. Backed by an incredible team, so much so we couldn't choose one stylist but had to have the whole lot! 

What’s your biggest hair trend prediction of 2023? Reverse Braided Balayage and Big Bougee Blow Outs 
What are you bingeing on Netflix atm? On Stan I am watching the new Paul Ru Drag Race
What’s your biggest hair ick? 90’s strip Money Piece 
What’s your favourite tik tok trend atm? Kids life hacks. 
What are you most looking forward to bringing in to 2023? Positive attitude, passing my knowledge down and doing a lot of education and training 
What’s your toxic hair trait? Big fluffy Hair
What’s your favourite thing about what you do? Creativity and long term standing relationships with guests, staff and companies. 

AMANDA SALON ALM | @amanda.salonalm

With over 20 years experience in hairdressing, Amanda Magistro prides herself on creating the best “you” for all of the clients that step thorough the doors of her chic North Perth salon. Emulating that cool girl, effortless fashionista vibe through not only her work, but her personal look and salon vibe also, amanda and her team at Salon Alm will have you feelin’ yourself with every hair flip. Unpolished glam? A hint of vintage hair? Dreamy lived in blondes? Yes please! And you can get them all in Amanda and her teams expert hands.

Whats your biggest hair trend prediction for 2023? Vintage hair turned into modern day glam. Im loving really 90’s french roll but with modern day, it girl twist, chic twist 
What am I binging on netflix at the moment? Emily in Paris
What's something people don't know about you that may surprise them? I play the piano, and I'm 5 foot exactly and people always think I'm taller 
What's your favorite part of being a hair professional? I love making clients feel the hottest version of them, no matter what you put on as lonas your hair looks good your gunna kill it.

ELLIE MAREE | @elliemareehair 

Resident Natalie Anne Salon favorite Ellie Maree has carved out a name for herself in the industry for her seamless colour & eye for dreamy, colour.

What’s your biggest hair ick? My biggest hair ick I feel like I have sooo many ! Either massive regrowth line or a really bad colour demarcation that’s very noticeable in the change of color like a really bad balayage just gets under my skin! 

What’s something that people don’t know about you that would surprise them? Something that people wouldn’t know about me that would probably surprise them is I never wanted to get into hairdressing , I always wanted to be a vet and my first job at 14 was a horse riding instructor, but I’m so happy I fell into hair because I wouldn’t change it for the world and I couldn’t see myself doing anything else 

What’s your toxic hair trait? 
If you see my hair in a high slick bun , it’s because it’s hair wash day and I’m trying to push it out as long as possible 😂

What’s your favourite thing about what you do? 
My favourite thing about what I do is making people feel beautiful, one of the reasons I got into this beautiful hair journey is because hair is everything to a women and if your hair isn’t right you feel ugly or uncomfortable or not confident because I know I do , so my job is I try to make their hair dreams become a reality and make them feel really great and confident in their skin. It gives me the biggest satisfaction seeing them walk out with a smile on their face or when they can’t stop looking at themselves or taking selfies that just fills my cup

BIXIE HAIR | @bixiecolour @ali_bixiecolour

You may have heard of Bixie colour as being one of Sydney's most in demand colour salons, boasting a client list of the who’s who from personalities like Jen Atkins, to Models like Harmony Butcher. The love child of award winning stylist and colourist Sheree Knobel, the salon has not lost none of its warm, friendly feel amongst all the professional accolades.

What’s your biggest hair trend prediction of 2023? It’s the year of yes, Yes to trying that new hair colour… Cowgirl copper & pink hues coming through strong. 
What are you bingeing on Netflix atm? I am a huge podcast listener. A few of my favs are The mentor with Mark Bouros, The imperfects & Shameless 
What’s your biggest hair ick? Blow dry brush marks or curls not brushed out properly haha ! 
What’s your favourite thing about what you do? How do I choose just one thing. It’s the people I connect with everyday! It’s the craft of hair dressing. The architecture & science behind creating that gorgeous colour & blowdry, then seeing the confidence it gives my guests. It really is something special.


More to come soon! Stay tuned!


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