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Australian Fashion Week Recap | Get the Look | 5 Swoon-Worthy Styles

Wrapping up and giving you the load down on 5 OF THE MOST SWOON-WORTHY STYLES, worn by the who's who of Australian Fashion.

It's the week all fashion obsessed wait for all year, the annual Australian Fashion Week. Giving all those in the know an early nod to the upcoming seasonal trends that will be influencing wardrobes for the seasons to come. But what's a killer outfit without the crown to match? We wrapped up the 5 most swoon-worthy styles from the Sydney Fashion Week Style Suites in partnership with O&M, Jadore Hair Extensions and GHD.

The 90’s Sex Symbol (aka. The Pammy Bun)

This is the revival every Millenial has been waiting for, the 90’s Sex Symbol up-do. Break out your claw clips ladies, our moment has arrived! No matter whether this is that “effortless look that actually took a lot of effort” or your second day up-do, this look will be throwing off sultry, Pammie meets Anna Nicole vibes (without the shade) no matter what you pair it with.

As Seen On
Sophia Dopha by Dom PelliSuela by Amanda LeaOlivia Molly Rogers by Natalie Anne


Get the Look

  • Prep freshly washed hair with Natalie Anne Volumising Shampoo & Conditioner.
  • Towel dry and apply an almond size amount of Prep & Play, and brush through to distribute.
  • Blow dry hair upside down for max volume. We love using a GHD Helios blow drier.
  • Using a large barrel wand, section the hair and create long, softer curls throughout the head. Don't worry about the direction, just focus on creating soft curls, not ringlets. Curl away from the face once you reach the fringe section.
  • Allow to cool then dust the hair with Natalie Anne Texturising Powder, working through with your fingers.
  • Brush lightly with a wide tooth comb to further soften and separate curl
  • Taking a Natalie Anne Creaseless Coil, or a claw clip, loosely pile the curl up on your head until your happy with the general shape. Secure with the coil or clip.
  • Refine your shape by pinning any loose sections with bobby pins. 

Crisp Edges

Want to add that little bit of edginess to a sleek pony or bun, or simply don't know what to do with those pesky baby hairs that won't stay in or out? Grab yourself some inexpensive supermarket gel and a spoolie (or DIY it with an old, but clean mascara wand) and get to laying those edges!

As Seen On
Sharon Johal, Lola Thompson & Kaela Tavares by Natalie Anne


Get the Look

  • Slick your hair back into a tight bun or ponytail.
  • Take a spoolie and run it along your hairline to pull out any baby hairs and fly aways you'd like to create your edges with.
  • Slick your ponytail hair back before starting your edges with a little prep & play and a soft toothbrush or makeup brush. Add some gel if you want high definition shine.
  • Coat your spoolie in gel and begin to style your edges by brushing them forward & flat to your skin, before using the spoolie to delicately create twists & swirls in your desired pattern.
  • Allow to set or dry using a low heat setting on your blow drier.

20’s Rebellion

Half grunge, half roaring twenties, we saw many influencers and fashion icons alike rocking this sleek, polished but somehow almost rebellious fusion of 20’s fingerwaves and 90’s grunge, wet look hair. Reminiscent of the late, Great Lagerfeld for Fendi, we were dying for this chic, sleek look.


As Seen On
Ella May DingDomenica Calarco and Isabelle Clarke by Natalie Anne


Get the Look

  • Separate the back and the front of your hair away from each other by sectioning from natural part down to your ear and pinning the front section forward.
  • Create elongated, random curls through the back by taking small sections and curling, holding the straightener at a 45 degree angle rather than horizontally. Vary the direction you create the curl for additional texture. 
  • Let the curl cool and spray liberally with hairspray. Taking a little lube, scrunch into the back section until the desired level of “wetness” is achieved.
  • Taking a smaller barrel curling wand, curl all of the fringe section in the same direction. Pin with our Creaseless Blowout Clips to cool and let set. 
  • Once cool, remove from pins and brush the curls together. If they were all curled the same way they should mould together into a wave. 
  • Exaggerate the waves by wetting with hard set gel and combing with a fine tooth comb, using a combination of our Creaseless Blowout Clips and Creaseless Setting Clips to pin the waves in place while they set, along your hairline moving toward your ponytail or bun.
  • Finish with a liberal spray of O&M Queenie hairspray. 

Rapunzel, but make it fashion!

Textured braids were all the rage both on and off the runway this year, whether they be long, short, or completely random. The imperfection of it all was, well…perfect!

As Seen On
Sedona Findlay by Dom Pelli and Jemma Rubach by Natalie Anne


Get the Look

  • Pull the hair into a ponytail and secure it with hat elastic or a fine hair tie. Slick the hair down using a fine bristled brush, then refine any flyaways with a little Prep & Play and a soft toothbrush or makeup brush.
  • Pro tip: If you don't have long hair you can create this style with a clip in ponytail extension.  
  • Separate the ponytail into 3 sections and run a little Prep & Play through each section to smooth any fly aways.
  • Begin braiding, but every 4th or 5th twist, miss a step.
  • Secure the end, straighten the little tail you are left with and refine into a point using a little Prep & Play.


50’s Princess Pony

This cuter than cute, breakfast at Tiffany's style is making a huge comeback, and we are not mad about it! Oozing clean cut sophistication, this style will have you channeling your inner Audrey Hepburn in no time.

As Seen On
Olivia Molly Rodgers by Natalie Anne and Shamaya by Dom Pelli


Get the Look

  • Start with clean, washed hair using Natalie Anne Volumising Shampoo & Conditioner.
  • Prime the hair for heat styling using a little Prep & Play.
  • Blow Dry with a round brush concentrating on smoothing each section by rolling the brush as you dry.
  • Add a little Natalie Anne Volumising Powder to the root and work in with your fingers.
  • Section the hair from the ears to just forward of the crown and secure with a hair tie to create a high half-up-half down.
  • Straighten the bottom section, twisting outwards only on the last couple inches of the hair to make the ends “flick” outwards.
  • Repeat the same on the ponytail section of your half-up-half-down.
  • For added oompfh, back comb the underside of the half pony and smooth with our Anti-Static Volumising Comb on the surface to conceal the backcombing.
  • Optional: Use a cute bow or hair cuff to add structure and accessorise.
  • Secure with a liberal spray of O&M Queenie or your favourite hairspray.


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