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Natalie Anne’s on trend looks for Curly Hair in 2022

Curly hair is often referred to as a blessing and a curse. 

Curls seemingly have a mind of their own, are temperamental, often stubborn and it feels like the only way to control them is to straighten them out- literally. 

But, we’re here to tell you to put your straightener all the way to the back of your cabinet..

Because the greatest blessing- apart from having naturally glorious curls - is knowing how to not only tame them with the most essential hair care & styling products, but how to create curly hair styles you will love that suit every and any occasion!

Whether you like to keep your curly hair long, or you love it pulled back off your face entirely, here are a few of our favourite, on-trend curly hair styles that are easy, quick & timelessly chic!



Want to know how to treat your hair? Let’s keep it simple! 

Sometimes all your curls need is some TLC. 

Keep your curly hair long, while still looking styled with a few quick & easy steps!

Step 1 

Before any heat-styling, be sure to apply a primer. We love the NATALIE ANNE HAIRCARE PREP & PLAY All-In-One Cream.

It will not only prevent heat damage, but help define your curls & keep them defined for longer!

Step 2

Spray in some LIVED-IN TEXTURE MIST before diffusing your hair with a GHD PROFESSIONAL DIFFUSER

Step 3

Once all your hair is dry, use a THIN CURLING WAND to redefine any curls that need a breath of new energy!

Step 4 

For some added volume, lightly sprinkle some VOLUMISING POWDER at the roots before using the PROFESSIONAL COMB NOZZLE to lift the roots, creating as much added height as you desire.

What is the best treatment for curly hair?

Pro-tip - The NATALIE ANNE HAIRCARE CHARCOAL REPAIR MASK is a god-send for curly girls, to help control your curl, tame your frizz and strengthen your hair. You can also use it as a leave-in!

Getting the right hair care is essential & these multipurpose styling hair products & tools deserve a place in your cabinet!



Snatched Pony with some sparkle! 

When used correctly, your natural texture can be your secret weapon to ultimate confidence and elegance!

For your next formal event, instead of reaching for the straightener, why not pick up a hair brush, some pins, an elastic and some diamante hair clips for a beautiful & unique pony!

You can keep it all the way slick, or bring out some fringe pieces for face framing and fun at the front, as well as the back!

In this image, the hair clips we’ve used are the Billini x Natalie Anne Diamante Hair Cuff.

Hair Hack - Need options for oily hair hairstyles? Go no further than a hair style like this!



A Snatched Top-Knot is not only super easy, but it is super cute & convenient for those in-between-wash days!

Step 1

Sprinkle some Volumising Powder into the roots of your hair to create a firm foundation.

Step 2

Using a wide bodied WET & DRY BRUSH (while making sure to not brush out your curls), pull your hair back into a slick pony, before banding it with an elastic or coil.

Step 3

Sprinkle some more Volumising Powder, but this time to the actual curls, before re-defining with a THIN CURLING WAND & pinning each curl into a shape you’re happy with.

Pro-Tip: Always check your shape from all angles! 

Step 4

Finish with a DRY WAX SPRAY which helps maintain curl separation, tames the frizz & fly-aways, all while adding a lovely sheen to your curls.



What’s hotter than a mohawk? A Faux-hawk with Bling!

Don’t get it twisted, it can take some serious courage to shave off your sides- especially when you’re a curly girl - but what if you could fake it in a few quick and easy steps, avoiding the whole re-growth period?!

Want to mimic the style, without the commitment?

Thought you’d like that idea.. So we’re here to show you how, with a step by step tutorial through one of our FAVOURITE curly hair styles! 


As always, before any heat styling, prep and prime your hair with PREP & PLAY All-In-One Cream


Want to know how to style hair clips in your hair?

Create a french-roll in the back and pin it into shape with a couple of bobby pins and your favourite sparkly accessories, ensuring you have enough curl to play with on top and in the front. 

In this video, we’ve used the diamante pins from our Billini x Natalie Anne collection. 
Place the pins randomly, so they can be seen from all angles. There’s no need for symmetry and there’s no right or wrong, too many or too little. Be as creative and playful or as conservative as you like.. Either way will be a statement!


Redefine the more prominent curls with a THIN CURLING WAND , always checking the shape from all angles, not only for symmetry but to ensure it is what suits your face shape best.

Step 4

Finish with a DRY WAX SPRAY - which aids to maintain curl separation, tames the frizz & fly-aways, all while adding a lovely sheen to your curls.



How can I protect my heat-damaged hair?

When asked about our favourite curly hair styles, we can not forget BANTU KNOTS!

Traditional African Bantu Knots are the perfect heatless style for protecting your curls, and is one of the easiest hair styles for your in-between-wash days! 

As a hairstylist often needing to create quick changes on-set, bantu knots are also a go-to fave when working with curly girls!


How to treat your hair

De-tangle + treat your curls using NATALIE ANNE HAIRCARE WET & DRY BRUSH and the  CHARCOAL REPAIR MASK for some deep hydration


Using a COMB , create 8 clean triangle sections, pulling each section into a ponytail. 


Twist each section on itself to form a pin-less knot. 


PRO-TIP : For some creative, laid edges, use a spoolie and a firm hold gel. 


Add some bling to your edges by following the lines with some small, cute diamonte or pearl stickers.


Quick, Easy, Heatless, Protective AND Fabulous!

There you have it.. 5 of our favourite on-trend curly hair styles!

If you try any of these at home, be sure to tag us in your photos & videos.. We can’t wait to see all the fabulously unique ways your curls can be styled!


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