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Get DJ Tigerlilly's Snatched & Sparkly, Braided Bun | Celebrating International Women's Day

Acclaimed hair stylist Natalie Anne has collaborated with music producer DJ Tigerlily to create a high-impact look to inspire women to feel beautiful, confident and empowered this International Women’s Day.


Want to learn how to get Dj Tigerlilly’s Snatched & Sparkly Braided Bun? Keep on reading.

To create a high impact look, add some coloured extensions into your braided bun. Alternatively you can use hair-chalk to add a pop of colour. (Optional)

Take your set of Jadore Hair Extensions in colour Platinum and pre colour them by first softening with 10vol O&M Developer. This will remove any anti static coating and allow for an even colour application. 

Shampoo the developer off with our Natalie Anne Hydrating Shampoo and then tone using 1:1 ratio of 10vol O&M Developer and Cor. colour in your desired shade. We used pastel pink.

Rinse and condition the extensions with Natalie Anne Hydrating Conditioner, then blast dry.

Apply Natalie Anne Prep + Play All In One Cream to pre-blow dried natural hair. 

Using our Gentle Wet Dry Brush and Queenie Hair Spray from O&M, brush and secure into a low ponytail.
PRO TIP:  If you see any little lumps or bumps in your pony use the metal end of our Eco Friendly Volumizing Comb to pull them back towards the pony to smooth. 
Apply your pre coloured hair extension by clipping into the base of the pony.

Split into 2 sections and create 2 plaits. 

Twist into a bun like shape and secure with bobby pins.
PRO TIP: Don’t open your bobby pins if you want a more secure grip.

Add some bling! For this look Nat used a few pieces from her NA x Billini accessory collaboration.
STEP  10
Using a clean spoolie and your favourite gel to create some detailed edges. Get creative!  Using eyelash or weft glue, apply some pearl decals to the hairline and part line.
Natalie Anne and DJ TigerLily have worked hard to “crack the code” the theme of this year’s International Women’s Day to create a gender-equal futures for their respective business ventures both of which sit within traditionally male dominated industries.
The hair world is one that has been predominantly male dominated, so the fact that Natalie Anne has risen to become one of Australia’s leading Hair Artist, Expert and Social Media Educator is no mere feat. Her success can be attributed to her love of sharing inspirational styling content and her desire to openly, and honestly educate her clients, consumers and colleagues globally. 
Natalie Anne has built her empire through hard work and creating inspiring content which goes back to 2012 before it even became “a thing”.  She continues to develop and innovate by creating video tutorials, live streams full of instructional and collaborative content that inspires women, all while amassing over 1.5 million followers as a leading social media educator. She has twice been crowned International Hair Influencer of the Year at the American Influencer Awards and was named Digital Influencer of the Year and Transformation Expert of the Year at Australia's premiere hair industry awards night, The Australian Hair Fashion Awards.
Natalie Anne says, "As one of a small number of female founders within the Hair brand community, I know how difficult carving out an authentic, inclusive and rewarding space for yourself can be. This is where I have been fortunate to have been led by a group of strong women in my family, who have imparted to me their work ethic, always emphasizing to me how important leading with your values is. It's this set of values that have served me so well, empowering me to always stay true to myself, ignore glass ceilings and pave the way for the women who come after me... including my own daughter.”
“I have pioneered the digital space for female creators using these values of being strong, fair and confident, allowing my passion for educating and sharing my knowledge with fellow stylists to further spread my message that every woman has the right to feel beautiful, confident and fulfilled, no matter their age, appearance or ethnicity."
As the go-to hair artist for many of Australia’s leading influencers and celebrities she was keen to celebrate International Women’s Day with another trailblazer. DJ Tigerlily was an obvious choice as she has kicked some serious goals in the music and entertainment industry. 
Working as a DJ since she was 18, Tigerlily says, “The theme for this year's International Women's Day "Cracking the Code", is one of my favourites so far. “
"As a woman in a male dominated industry, I have been subject to bias and stereotypes. Over time, I've learnt how to live my own truth and feel passionate about helping other female musicians to do the same. As I enter the next stage of my life, motherhood, the power of supporting women has taken on a new meaning. I feel incredibly lucky most people have been supportive of my decision to continue touring while pregnant, and encouraging me to still live out my dreams when bub arrives. If our partners are able to have a family and work, why can't we!” 
“One of my favourite things to do is collaborate with other boss babes who are killing it in their area of expertise. This is why I was so excited to work with Natalie Anne again to create this look for International Women's Day. The look celebrates my femininity and is achievable for anyone to create at home. Hope you have as much fun as we did experimenting with this look.”
Photographer  Makeup @kerrytserosmua 
Follow Natalie Anne on Instagram, Facebook and Tik Tok @natalieannehair & @natalieannehaircare


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